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The Times They Are A-Changin'

It's shit these days, let's get that right, and it's getting shitter by the day.

Started July 29

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Things You Wish Existed

...that don't already exist on some remote level

Updated July 29

A list from the lucky dip...

30 things Michael Starr could be doing rather than stealing comedy

Better ways for our Michael to be spending his time than thieving our life's work

It was started by mookay

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More Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women

That email from 1998 didn't scratch the surface. Here's why them bitches will never beat our beer!

Last Updated Jul 21 2009

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Just a bit suspicious.

Things you have an irrational distrust of, but can't put a finger on why.

This list is beseiged by 344 comments

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Curly Watts Was Proto-Potter

A hlaf-century of Corrie makes for pretentious retro-loving

This brave list has just 7 entries