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Listographer 2013

Behold the statgasm. Available in various sizes for your enguzzlement.

Ray Winston (2080 x 9900 @ 7MB) - download

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Nokia 3210 (30 x 143 @ 18KB) - download

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Like a fine mould

What's grown on you despite your best efforts to resist? (Excluding foot fungus)

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replace a word in the film or tv title with 'fanny'

puerile and unoriginal, but it'll still raise the odd giggle

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Special Teams

It was started by uefacup81

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When Branding Goes Wrong

Classic gaffes in product development, expansion and naming

Last Updated Oct 27 2009

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Just a bit suspicious.

Things you have an irrational distrust of, but can't put a finger on why.

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Bing bong

This is an internet customer announcement....

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