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Listographer 2013

Behold the statgasm. Available in various sizes for your enguzzlement.

Ray Winston (2080 x 9900 @ 7MB) - download

Jonathan Ross (1400 x 6663 @ 3MB) - download

Paul Ross (1020 x 4855 @ 2MB) - download

Nokia 3210 (30 x 143 @ 18KB) - download

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Come flick through the Guidebook. WIP.

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Quantum cohesiveness

spill some new age bullshit

Started April 23

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The darker side of Mumsnet

'Speaking as a parent, I keep this to myself'. What's the bad stuff parents do?

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News of the World Answering Machine

So what did they find?

It was started by AxemanJim

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You Cunt Do That!

Don't say can't say cunt

Last Updated Sep 4 2009

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Forgotten TV Gold

The TV programmes youe cherished as a young 'un but nobody seems to know what you are talking about.

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"King Cock"

Unlikely porn parodies

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